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Japan and San Francisco
          This coming October 1st and 2nd I will give a Seminar in Tokyo, October 5th and 6th at Hiroshima, and October 9th and 10th at Sapporo.
        After the Sapporo Seminar I am planning to fly to Okinawa to see my mother; I do not know if I will give a seminar there.
        Right now, Mr. Okamura in Tokyo, Mr. Isobe in Hiroshima, and Mr. Kohira in Sapporo are working very hard to find the places to hold these seminars and arrange transportation for me.
        They are in contact with each other and with me but I am also asking all my relatives, friends and my old students to give us their help.
         When you hold tournaments and/or seminars like this, the most important thing is gathering the necessary resources and help. 
         I am a lucky man to be able to say that I am surrounded by a very high caliber people like my relatives, friends, and students.
        Because of my lazy personality, when people look at me they think gHe can not do anything without my helph, so they come to help me a lot.
         See!  Sometimes a lazy person like me who has a lot of character flaws works (Ha!).
         So, I do not have any problems with the quality of people who I ask for help.  The problem I am facing is the quantity of people.
         I moved from Japan more than thirty years ago so I do not have enough human resources to organize things in Japan.
        I must ask for many things at many different times from these people to prepare for this seminar.  Some times it can be too much for them.
        I must know not only how to organize the seminar but also when to back off.
         We will update about the Seminars in JAPAN on the home page. If you have any questions about it, just send us an email.
          Also I will hold a Seminar in San Francisco on Saturday, April 30th.  If you have any questions about this seminar, again, just send us an email.
         This seminar will be hosted by Master Toshihiro Oshiro who is the best Bo master in the world and my senior in Matsubayashi-ryu Karate.
        Below is Oshiro Dojofs address
            Oshiro Dojo,  178 W. 25th Ave.  San Mateo, CA 94403
          Since I started my own style and operated the dojo, I named my style gMuso-Kaif.
        I learned Matsubashi-ryu karate in Okinawa and learned from a lot of different masters who sometimes did not even have names for their styles! (Please read gWhat is Muso-Kaih) I learned Kyokushin  Style hard full contact Karate, Koshiki Karate so on.
        However, I always called my style gMuso-Kaif ever since I started teaching.
        I was even told by my old master if I would like to come back to his style, he would welcome me.          
        I was quite thankful and appreciated his offer, but I did not do so.
         Since I was training in Okinawa, I was thinking that gKarate Kata cannot be used in actual situations.h I still believe that!
        The Karate Kata which is practiced now in Okinawa, mainland Japan, and even the whole world cannot work in an actual fight.
        I think every Karate-Ka who is honest about his Karate and worked hard to master it would end up with the same answer which I reached.
         I spent about fifteen years of my life to find the answer to these questions.
        The answer I got is gYes, indeed Karate Kata is usefulh and the Samurai of Ryukyu Kingdom not only knew the true meaning of Karate Kata but could also use it.
        More so, that karate Kata is not only the most efficient of fighting techniques but also the most efficient way of human movement.
                     Naifanchi Kata, Pinan Kata, and other Shuri-Te (old Karate) Kata are the teaching methods for the most efficient way of human movements since humans start standing and walking with their two legs.
         However, because of the process in which I was training to find my answers, my karate and my ideas change a lot.
        The Karate I am teaching now is gArakakifs Karateh and gMuso-Kai Karateh, not the ones I learned in Okinawa.
        I believe that I found not only the meaning of Karate Kata but also how it should be performed.
        To use the Karate Kata you must know how to use your body as a martial art like they moved in Ryukyu Kingdom time and I found that too.
         I wrote all the answers I got during my work and published them. I now hold seminars to show  people who are interested in my ideas.
         It is now time I test these ideas!
        This April I will face real masters who I respect very much, and will show what I learned and what I think about Karate.
        It is almost like I am showing what kind of life I went through and how much I trained.
         For a lazy person like me, it is a very scary moment, however, I believe that it will be the proudest moment of my Karate career.
         Well, I must train hard!
                      March 5 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami

            As you know now, a large earthquake and tsunami struck the northern part of Japan.
            After I found out about this earthquake on the internet, I immediately knew it would be a huge disaster. I was sure this would be a big one because before this earthquake, Japan had another large earthquake several days ago.
            Also, a couple weeks ago, New Zealand had a big earthquake. I knew these were linked around the south and west plates of the Pacific Ocean.
                        Since Japan has so many earthquakes, they have learned how to build against earthquakes better than any other nation. Because of this, I trusted Japans strict building codes.

            Unfortunately, tsunamis are very different!!

            When I saw the tsunami waves moving towards Japans coastline on the internet, it felt like someone squeezing my heart.
            It was a helpless feeling.
            We all knew that ahead of those waves, there were towns and people and we could not do anything.
            It was a true display of the harsh reality of the mighty strength of nature and smallness of humans.

            I contacted all the people I know who are living in Japan in the affected areas.
            I do not usually act like this.
            Because I am living in a foreign county, any news I get about Japan has a tendency to be a bigger deal than they usually are.   
            When I ask my family and friends in Japan about their safety, they feel like I am over reacting or worry too much.

            This time however, I did not hesitate. I knew it was a big one.
            A lot of my family and friends replied saying they, and their families, were safe and thanked me for my concern.
            We all knew that this is was a serious disaster.

             Thank God, they are all safe!

             I also received a lot of concerned emails and phone calls from my students and friends in the States.
           I thank you for your concern.

            This coming October, we are planning to have seminars in Japan.
            Unfortunately, because of the earthquake and tsunami there is the possibility of delay or cancelation.
            I feel that there is just cause for either.

            I spent a period of my life just for Karate. I nearly lost everything because of it, so now Karate is very important to me and conversely, my students.
            In the end though, I know Karate is only Karate and nothing more than that.

            This disaster makes us realize how precious life is and how important our love ones really are.
            To me that is way more important than Karate or anything else.

            Our great condolences to the people who have lost their homes, livelihoods, and most importantly, their loved ones to this disaster. We wish a quick recovery to the areas in most need.

            March 12 2011

Charity, Belt test, Seminar and Demonstration.

              We had a Charity event benefiting Japan this Friday and Saturday, in Salt Lake City.
            Because of your help, it was a great success.
            Thank you for your help.
             I am contacting Japanese students in Japan for our gSeminar in Japanf11 g.  Fortunately, Sapporo and Hiroshima were not damaged, however Tokyo had some damage and is still effected by the nuclear plant problem with scheduled black-outs once and awhile.
             I am taking time to decide whether we will have the seminar in Japan as scheduled or not.
            I believe that, in times like this, I must wait to make sure people are able to get back to their regular lives. They can then look around and decide if it would be a good idea to go for it or not.
             I am the kind person who, once I make the decision, no matter what, I will follow through!
            Because of this, I must let my Japanese students decide once they have returned to the regular schedule of their lives.
             This coming mid April, we will have our promotion test for both kids and adults. BYU club members are also preparing for this test.
            Also, at the end of April I will give a seminar in San Francisco. Some Canadians have told me that they might come from Canada by way of driving more than 30 hours.
            Wow! That is dedication!
             That same day, we will have a Japan festival in Salt Lake City. We will be planning to give a Muso-Kai Karate demonstration at the event but since I will be in San Francisco, our higher belt students will be in charge of the demonstration.
             I will be out of town this Monday ? Thursday, March 28-31,
Because of this, there will be NO kidfs classes Monday ? Thursday, March 28-31st so we will have Kidfs catch up classes on Friday, April 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd.
             I believe that Muso-Kai Karate has already built a system to teach true martial arts Karate; now is the time to popularize our system.
            I am determined to spend next ten years for that.
             I ask your help.
            Thank you.
                          March 20 2011

This is what is happening right now.

         I just received an email from the person who organized the charity events for the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.
         At Sage Market we raised $ 7294.35
        At Centerville we raised $ 15782.04
         Thank you for all your help!
        There are plans for one more event within two weeks in the Sandy area.
        When I receive the confirmation, I will let you know.
         We will have a promotion test on April 14th and 15th.
        Members of the BYU Muso-Kai Karate club are coming every Friday to attend the headquarters Dojo.
        They are preparing to take the test too. Good luck to them and all the students who are taking the test.
         Because of the tragedies in Japan this past month, I am still deciding if I should postpone my Japanese seminar or not. If I go ahead as planned, it will be in October.
         I am also preparing for the seminar in San Francisco on April 30th.
         Because of over working out or simply old age (ha?), my right elbow is not working well right now.
         Thirty years ago, both elbows got hurt so bad by overworking that I had to take steroid shots.
        This time my elbow does not hurt as much as then, however, when I try to lift anything heavier than my tooth brush, it hurts!
        I am the kind of teacher who has to test his teachings on himself first.
            I am a professional martial artist, so I must try ten times more than my students.
            I believe that a person like me, who does not have much talent, needs at least three times more effort to master anything they do.
            Still, it is very hard!
                       When I was young I just did it without giving myself enough time to think about it.
            However, now my body will not move like it used to.
            Now, I must learn to be patient!
                                       March 26 2011