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Seminar in Japan e11
         I could not update this column more than one month.
         Because, I was (and still am) so busy.
         Last April I gave a seminar in San Francisco, the detail of which were written about by Mr. Kage and hopefully in the Karate magazine in Japan.
                In May, the president of Sapporo Muso-Kai Karate Club Mr. Yusuke Kohira came and trained with us.
        He also wrote an article and took great pictures of Muso-Kai Karate students. His article of the Muso-Kai will be in Japanese Karate magazine soon as an 8 page long story.

        As usual, Mr. Kohira trained with us very hard. His visits, however, were not only for training but also preparing of this coming Japanese Seminar.

        Well, I found the publishing company which will publish my book gThe History of Okinawan Karateh which is some of my life works.
        So while Mr. Kohira was with us I was correcting the text all day long and I am still doing it too.
        The texts are nearly one thousand pages long, so it takes a lot of time to read and correct.

        gThe secret of Okinawan Budo Karateh Part 4 will be published very soon and so I was correcting those texts too while he was here.
        I just sent the text to my Japanese publisher yesterday, so I can have the time to write this column.

        I am also writing a book for gPinanh Kata and, when it will be done, I will try to find a publisher.

        While Mr. Kohira was with me , we were training Karate, making plans for the Seminar in Japan, writing the magazine article, taking pictures for the article, and he read my Pinan Kata texts and also gThe History of Okinawan Karateh text which contained one thousand pages and editing it too.

        He was almost pushed to the limit.  Sorry!

        Because of his help and dedication, the process of the Seminar in Japan is doing very well.

        Now I must re-train my body to be in top shape before I go to Japan.

                May 26 2011

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