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    August 30 2009

This is the site for Shiha Arakaki's year 2009 column.

Two Japanese Karate-Ka

    Today, two Japanese Karate-Ka left for Japan from Salt Lake City.

    They came last week to train at Muso-Kai Karate headquarters dojo.
    One of them had read my Japanese book and came three years ago to train under me, this time he brought his friend.
    They have been traveling alone abroad a lot, so I did not worry about them. They prepared their own lodging and transportation and just show up at the dojo every morning to start training.

    They had trained very hard at the dojo, training times were 6-7 hours every day. I love and admire those young people who have a strong dedication and commitment so I taught them everything they can grasp.

    Some of you already know how hard we train!

    After the third day I could tell that their legs, arms, and whole body were screaming from aches. I could even see that they had a hard time walking. However, when they changed to white Karate-Gi(uniform) and entered the dojo(training hall), they did not complain about their pain at all. Every training session, they gave more than 100 percent. Their dedication and commitment was a very good example for my students.

    They spend not only their own time and money to come to USA to learn Muso-Kai karate, but also try their absolute best to learn everything about Muso-Kai Karate. As an instructor, it is impossible to teach everything in one week, but they can perform Naifanchi Kata with counts. If they will continue to practice, I believe that they will master Naifanchi Kata some day.
    They also understand kicking, punching, and throwing as techniques of martial arts.

    After that intensive training, they received 5th and 6th Kyu which is Blue and Purple belt in Muso-Kai Karate.
    Also they received the permission to operate Muso-Kai Karate Club in Hokkaido, Japan. When they start the Muso-Kai Karate club in Hokkaido, it will be the first Muso-Kai Karate club in Japan. I also believe that they will be a strong support for my seminar in Japan too.
    We will post updates about the club at the gEvent Newsh as soon as possible.

    After their successful visit, we are starting to prepare the November Workshop. We will try our best to welcome participants and make the workshop worthy for them.

Oct 3 2009
Sapporo Muso-Kai Karate Club

    gSapporo Muso-Kai Karate Club is bornh
    It sounds too good but in fact Mr. Kohira and Mr. Oyama must set the work out schedule, find a place to work out, find the members and so on.

    There is a lot of work ahead of them. It is just started and everything is dependent on their effort and how much Muso-Kai Karate headquarters can support and encourage them.

    Muso-Kai already has a few Japanese students in Japan who have received a black or brown belt from headquarters. They were students of high schools and/or universities in Utah and trained with us 3-5 years. When they returned to Japan, they became valuable members of the society and we have contacted them once a while. I believed that some of them wanted to start a club or branch of Muso-Kai in Japan.

    However, when you look at gWhat is Muso-Kaih in this homepage, you can understand that I was not ready to teach ancient Okinawan Karate as a martial art. I believed that I understood and mastered the secret of Okinawan Karate as the martial art not as the sport. Understanding by yourself and teaching that method are the totally deferent things.
        I knew that if I did not have a clear system to teach my students, they would struggle like I did or they would misunderstand how mysterious forces like gKih work with Karate.

    My idea is that when you teach, you have a responsibility to teach your student as efficiently as humanly possible, especially in this modern time when no one has time to waste and money to throw away.

    Since I could not systematize the teaching methods which I teach directly in my Muso-Kai headquarter dojo(school), how can I operate and lead the club and/or branches which were so far away?

    It was a couple years ago I was able to systematize the teaching manual and about a year ago I could see the big difference in my students movements. Most of all I could see the difference in how the students understood the movement of true Karate.

    It made me feel like a gThis is it!!h

    In fighting, even you think you understand the principle of movement, if your body can not perform the principle, you are th same as if you do not know it at all. I shaped the Muso-Kai Karate system to make people understand Okinawan Karate as the true martial art. I made the clearest map for your journey of the martial arts, but you are the only one who can make this journey complete with sweat, some tears and sometimes even blood!

    I believe that after I made the clearest teaching system of Karate, it is the time to generalize the system for every martial artist in the world. We will try to operate as many Muso-Kai Karate branches and/or clubs in the world as possible.

    To do so we need your help. If you are interested in becoming a member of Muso-Kai Karate and/or operating a branch and/or club, please let us know.

    We will be happy to work with you.

    Oct. 15 2009


    We have just successfully finished the workshop. I would like to review this workshop here.

    Since I gave the seminar at different places to different people, I always felt that there should be a more efficient way to teach true Okinawan Karate as the marital arts. I always wanted to make it easier to understand true Okinawan Karate for anyone who took the seminar.

    I believe that we at Muso-Kai Karate have developed the most efficient methods to teach human movement and fighting tactics in Karate. To do so, you must have a scientific approach to Karate. Without a scientific approach, it is impossible to understand true karate. I strongly believe that martial arts are the most efficient way to understand human movement, even more than modern science.

    This does not mean that there are mysteries or super-human powers like a gKih involved. Only through scientific method can one perform the same movements and techniques again and again and that is what we call skill.

    I keep telling all my students that they shouldn't be convinced by my teaching but to understand Karate through my lessons. Karate is not only martial arts but also martial science.If you don't understand the scientific side of Karate, you can't understand all of Karate.

    The purpose of my seminar is to make participants understand the science of Karate. I explained to the participants the difference between the potential energy and kinetic energy by human movements in Kata. Human movement is summary of this potential and kinetic energy, such as dynamic energy. Kata was made to understand the differences between the energy you create and the energy you release toward your opponents.

    When you understand the science of Karate the next thing you must understand is the art to perform the scientific methods of movements. I wanted to teach all of these methods of Karate in this workshop.

    However, it was easy to say but hard to do. In this workshop, the first time participants seemed like they had a very difficult time to perform the movement which Karate as martial arts is required. For them, movement of ancient martial arts was very different movement than modern Karate as Western sports.

    Even they were convinced that ancient martial arts movement is much more efficient but their body could not perform the way they liked to. They almost spent the entire time just making the correct stance or arm and leg moves.

    I regretfully admit that it was not enough time to go to the next step. I must re-think how to make all the participants not only be convinced of the efficiency of ancient Okinawa Karate movement but also be able to perform some.

    There were so many things that I know to improve in future seminars and workshops, however there is one great thing I recognized and made me surprised but feel very good about. It was my assistant instructors teaching skill and their high level of understanding Karate as martial arts.

    All of my upper belt students could explain the correct human movements and be able to perform them in front of the participants whom they were teaching. Their techniques are totally different than anything those participants had ever seen. It was true Okinawan Karate movements as martial arts.

    Our next quest is how to make participants physically capable to perform the techniques of martial arts movements. Also, how to operate the seminar as often as possible near them. 

    There was one female Karate-Ka from Canada; she drove 18 hours by herself to come to Salt Lake City. She already took three of my seminars in Canada and came to Muso-Kai Headquarters dojo before too. She could not only almost perform the Naifanchi Kata as martial arts but also could recognize the difference between correct martial arts movements to others. 

    It was because of her hard work, effort, and attending my previous seminars that she was able to accomplish this. It was encouraging to see the results of my work.
    My next goal is to find out most efficient way to give seminars and workshops to as many people and as many place and times as possible. Also I must make participants realize that its takes lots of hard work to not only understand the Karate as martial arts, but also to be able to perform it.

    In the last couple of months we had two visitors from Japan and in this workshop we had a Canadian lady who drove 18 hours to come to Salt Lake. Their effort and dedication gave my students a great impression. I believe that those peoples dedication motivated my students a lot.

    Advanced students also got a lot of confidence by being able to teach participants and see the results of their teaching in front of their own eyes. I can see the difference of their moves and attitudes after the workshop. They have much more confidence and determination to learn and practice Karate. 

    November 28, 2009

Promotion Test

        We just finished our black belt promotion test on Saturday, December 5th. We had one person take the third degree black belt test, one for second degree, and two students who took their first degree black belt test.

        They fought thirty full contact fights for third degree, twenty for second, and ten for first degree black belt. It was one of the hardest tasks of their life for those four students. They prepared for this day throughout the last one year and completed it without any serious injuries.

        We also completed the kids promotion test two days ago. Congratulation to all of you!

        The student who took the third degree black belt test was in his mid fifties however during the thirty Kumite (sparring) he did not take any long breaks and kept going until the end. He had not only enough experience and skill to take the third degree test but also his stamina was superb because of him going all over the states to participate in full-marathons and next year he will try triathlon too.

        He was also awarded the most fit executive of his age group in the state in the economic magazine 'Utah'. So, his physical shape was as good as twenty years old man however, I was still worried and concerned for his safety in the thirty fights (Kumite).

        Well, my concern was a waste of time, his stamina was so great and his sparring techniques show his maturity of age. Anyone who fought him that day felt that there was no wonder he was taking the third degree test. He was ready for that and proved to everyone that he deserved the third! However, even for him the last couple of the fights were HARD! He made loud Kiai's or war screams to encourage himself to take the hard punishment.

        The other three students who took the second and first degree black belts were also heart moving, sometimes we must stop for accidental face strike and/or TKO, but they kept going and going until they finished their number of the Kumite. 

        It was a long day for everyone; we started the tests at ten ofclock in the morning and finished at four ofclock in afternoon.

        We also had the Christmas party at six. We had a very cold day and in the middle of the test, snow started falling and ice was on the road. A lot of people came a little later than usual but we had about 65 people at the party and had a wonderful time.

        We had done all of the major events of this year, and made great progress however, I also know that my personal tasks are still there. To be honest, finishing the black belt promotion tests safely made me feel a great release. It was a big challenge for not only my students but also for me too.

        We are planning to have lots of work for the coming year! We will have our seminars, workshops and opening the branch dojos. However, I still must do my best in next four weeks to finish this year.

        December 6, 2009

Okinawa Karate-Do

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