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Exciting News 

   Our World Wide Karate community is growing.
    Over the next couple of years, Shihan Arakaki will be working hard getting all his works published in English. He has traveled recently to Japan and Canada to conduct workshops and will do so again before the end of the 2013. 
    This year we have opened several Muso-Kai Karate clubs in Japan and we are currently in the progress of opening a club in Vietnam. We are excited about all the expansion and developing interest in original style Karate.

New Clubs in Japan!!

    We had five existed Muso-Kai Karate clubs in Japan and growing rapidly, we also have many individual member through out Japan. Please check here.

New Club in Los Angels

    Senpai Hoan Doa who is the second degree black belt started Los Angels Muso-Kai Karate. Good luck to him and the members.!/

New Club in Vietnam!!

    Senpai Hoa Ngyuen who is the first degree black belt are starting preparation community for official Muso-Kai Karate club in Vietnam.  He already has four members, and soon they are expedited to register   to be official members and to start the club.!/pages/Muso-Kai-Karate-Vietnam/339659469479455

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Comming Soon!!

"Seminar in JAPAN '13" Fall and Winter

    This November9-17th, Shihan Arakaki will give his Seminars in Japan.     
    These seminars will be his fifth time in Japan and promotion of his first DVD.  We are looking forward to seeing all the people who are interested in Shihan Arakaki's Muso-Kai Karate method and the mastering of Karate in " Seminar in JAPAN'13".
    We will  post progress and results of the seminars at a later date.

Well Done!!

Shihan Arakaki's "Seminar in Japan'13"Spring & Early Summer at Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka

Standing Room Only!
"Seminar in Japan'13" in Tokyo

Special Lectures!!

Japanese Universities Lectures
    Here it is!
    Shihan Arakaki is giving the lecture at Komazawa University in Tokyo, and he gave the lectures at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto.

Shihan Arakaki at  Komazawa University

Magazine Issues!!
Monthly "Hiden" special article.
    The articles of Shihan Arakaki's seminar and lectures in Japan are on August issue of Japanese martial arts magazine Monthly "Hiden".

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Shihan Arakaki's new book and DVD
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