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Okinawa Karate-Do
Kid's Class

    We are teaching children aged between five years through twelve years old as the kid's class. These kid's classes have two different levels: one is kid's beginners and the other is kid's advanced class.
    Both classes are run by the same principals and methods which is teaching Karate to develop each kid's talent and help them to be a valuable person in society. Thusly as a fully grown adult they can pursue their own personal goals and happiness.

    After they complete this kid's class they will enter the junior's class. As some of you already know, not only Kid's class students but most children who enter the junior class from kid's class have great achievement in school. Most of them are not only A average students but also straight A students which is not rare in this class.

    One of the reasons of these high achievements is Muso-Kai Karate's unique strong belief toward each individual child and methods to make that belief come true.

    We would like to let you know some of Okinawa Karate-Do Center Muso-Kai's beliefs and methods to teach your child to be a successful individual so it is easy for you to understand what to expect from us and what you can do to help your child's growth.

    There are significant gains to learning Muso-Kai Karate such as:
*Karate makes your child's body healthy and strong.
*Karate helps your child's agility and flexibility.
*Also Karate teaches your child to use both hands and legs helping with hand-eye coordination which also serves to develop your child's brain.

    Learning those aspects physically, your child's mental attitudes start changing such as:
*Your child gains a strong concentration.
*Your child gains strong self-discipline.
*Your child gains the feeling of confidence.
*Also, your child's brain will be stimulated above physical gain. His/her brain will start to work harder towards learning and memory retention.

    At last, your child will learn the individual skills in a group situation such as:
*Your child will gain a higher sense of self awareness.
*Your child will learn good manners and how to use them.
*Your child will gain a sense of gentleness towards other people.

    In our Muso-Kai Karate Dojo's Kid's class will have an activity in the group; the instructor will help encourage each child to master their skills in efficient ways. The most important thing is it is not only verbal encouragement but we also have methods to teach each drill step by step according to each child's needs. By doing so, each child starts believing in "If he/she could do it, I can do it too" to start encouraging himself. Not only will this help them but they will start encouraging each other to say "I can do it now, and if I can, you can do it too"

    These are not competitions among each child; each child learns from the one who achieves the drill. It is a "self-taught process" which is the secret of successes in even the adult world. Also your child will start caring about the other children's development as much as his/her own. That is the true meaning of kindness.

    As a parent/guardian, we know that everyone is born with some kind of special talent. Each child has their own uniqueness. We believe that our Okinawa Karate-Do Center Muso-Kai's mission is to help find and develop those individual talent to be as big as possible and let them reach as high as they can.
    We would like for Muso-Kai Dojo to be the place to help your child grow to be as great as possible.